Our measured customer data-driven services can be grouped largely into 4 areas.
These services include measuring the actions, perception, and cognition (language) of users,
and providing a product or service-related consulting based on the measured data.
All services are provided after being reviewed by our research team to ensure that the results are delivered in an optimized way.

Precise Observational Research

There is an increasing preference for observational research which includes measuring the physical posture or muscle load of a user and ethnography, or observing the everyday life of a customer, over traditional methods that reflect the intentions of the customer such as surveys and interviews. Such precise observational research allows for more objective and accurate measurements of user experience.

In-depth User Experiments

Some data cannot be obtained through observations or questionnaires.
Obtaining definite confirmation of the amount of influence each variable has requires well-designed experiments and precise measurements. Data on the perceptive responses, preferences, and opinions of customers will be collected as they use products in a controlled environment.

Scientific Language Analysis

Big data analysis based on buzzwords has its limits. Relying on frequency and patterns of appearance alone can lead to distorted information, as the data collected is not based on the opinions of customers following actual experience with the product.
However, even for customer responses collected through interviews and product testing, how will you make your analysis objective and scientific? With scientific language analysis, you can carry out objective analysis.

Product/Service Consulting

Are you planning a new prouct or service? Are you a new business with an idea in development? Many small-sized enterprises and business founders tend to overlook the importance of customer response surveys. How can you benefit from product consulting?