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Do you need consulting for a new product or service being planned?
Are you a new business with an idea in development? Many small-sized enterprises and business founders tend to overlook the importance of customer response surveys. How can you benefit from product consulting?

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Early evaluation of the marketability of a product or service is very important. You must examine their marketability in the early planning stages and continue to improve the concepts.

However, carrying out a customer survey for every plan is not easy, and even more so for new businesses. The procedures are complicated, but most importantly, surveys cost time and money.

Brain & Research provides easy, fast, and standardized early product market evaluation solutions. The solution is very quick and simple, because it gets answers for and analyzes standardized items almost autonomously. The question items included in the evaluation have been streamlined through countless research projects with many startup assistance organizations such as the Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development, Seoul Business Agency, and startup centers at various universities. Comparing the competitiveness of a product against many others is also possible through our database of evaluations that have been completed using the same methods.

We will show you how you can start a standardized product market evaluation. You can receive services that are like those offered by startup assistance organizations, right now.

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It is difficult to gauge the reactions of customers through online surveys for early products, especially for products that are different from existing ones. Customers need to actually see, hear the explanations, and use the products to understand and evaluate them properly.

Putting the concept and design of a new product on an online survey means there is a risk of losing confidentiality.

Collecting as many customer responses as possible while providing proper explanations and maintaining information security is crucial for successful early product customer evaluation. This is where Norm-data Item Evaluation can help you.