Advanced data collecting

Various technology is needed to draw out the data from the customers.

To do the Neuromarketing, you can choose to use traditional techniques such as surveying, interviewing, and observing. However, recently, new technology such as drawing out the customer’s behaviors, perceptions, emotions directly is being used. This new technology can be gathered from the customer’s neuro system or there are other ways that experimental psychologists developed for a long time.

Direct measurement of the body

Neuromarketing gathers data by directly measuring the customer’s physical, physiological activity.
Objective and scientific analyzing is possible with automatically collected data from advanced equipment, without participants needing to talk or remember.

Eye tracking

Eye tracking is a technique that measures the position of the pupil and measures what people see. It is widely used in advertising, design, and UI.


Emotion measurement tech finds unconscious and physiological responses by measuring the activity of the user’s brain or by detecting autonomic activity such as heart rate, skin conduction response, respiration, or pupil size in response to an emotional response.

Massive data gathering with the system


Who is the best model for ‘perfume’? Is ‘car’ feeling cold or hot? What is the common sensibility of cars and fragrances? Using a database of 50 standardized emotional information about thousands of keywords, emotional comparisons of various combinations are possible.

Global Naming System

Do you know that the pronunciation of ‘Pororo’ is similar to ‘Porno’ in the US? Using a prebuilt database, you can easily and quickly verify what kind of taboo you have in each language, and what emotions you think about the product name, brand name, and character name.

Observational Research

Behavior tracking can be done in great detail, not just counting the visitors, using CCTV, subminiature camera, log records from tablet PC

Behavior tracking

Behavior tracking is a precise observation and recording of various behaviors such as moving lines, moving or using objects, facial expressions, touching mobile devices, etc. by using video camera, EMG, beacon, etc.

Unconscious/bias evaluation

Cognitive Perceptual Psychological Experiment, Techniques such as response time measurement and psychophysical experiment

Traditional methods

Traditional research methods such as surveying, FGI, Interviewing, market research are still very important. Especially, Fast Gang Survey is used frequently when evaluating the products in the planning stage.

Brain&Research combines the traditional and the advanced methods and suggest the best possible research methodology.

Norm-data Item Evaluation

Evaluate and guide the marketability of new items by analyzing consumer responses to key factors that determine marketability.
Marketability analysis is comparatively evaluated on the basis of millions of norm-data and can be faster and more reliable than a general survey.