Norm-data Item Evaluation

Online survey allows collecting massive data easily. However, there is a chance of the information of the new product getting spoiled or subjects might have to answer without understanding the product well. Norm-data Item Evaluation allows overcoming these limits.

What is
Norm-data Item Evaluation

20 to 50 Various Users > Respond online with smartphones > Gather massive data quantitatively

It’s a research method that combines the advantages of online survey and gang survey.

Participants gather in a facility and try the real product or listen to the detailed explanation of the product.

20-50 Participants conduct a self-completed questionnaire via their smartphones, hence allows collecting quantitative and massive data fast.

The advantage of
Norm-data Item Evaluation

  • Norm-data Item Evaluation can prevent the important information such as the function of the product or the design from leaking.
  • Participants will be given a sufficient explanation of the product, also an opportunity to try the real product or observe it closely.
  • Norm-data Item Evaluation can get structured responses from massive users in a short period of time.

When to use
Norm-data Item Evaluation

  • To evaluate the early marketability of a new product or a new service.
  • To evaluate the validity of a policy that needs explanation or small-sized public hearing