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Global Naming System (GNS) tests whether the name of the brand is similar to the taboo words in 4 language groups. GNS also predicts what kind of emotions the naming/brand arouses.

Is your naming safe?

Korean Pororo Similar Pronunciation English Porno

Did you know that ‘뽀로로’, the popular TV show for children sounds like ‘porno’ in English?

Would ‘Chivas Regal’ know that the name of their brand is being mocked at in Korea because of their pronunciation?

It’s necessary for the numerous names of products, brands, characters, and brands that are being exported to be verified by the experts of language The numerous exported to the world because of the awkward situations they might face from unexpected similarities. But how many of these names are being verified?

Global Naming System

The data used by GNS is based on the feelings each phoneme has, or ‘emotion match’, that was measured directly from the locals and also based on the approximately 30,000 ‘taboo words data by nations’.

All the namings will be converted into the universal phonemic system, allowing them for the analyzation of thousands of taboo words that might sound similar in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English as well as the analyzation of emotion.

You can prevent the risk of failure when exporting the products and contents by predicting if the name of the brand, product, and characters is acceptable with little cost and time.

GNS was developed collaboratively by BNRI, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

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